We offer premium coffee, providing a positive impact to the environment and social communities around the world.

At ORB, we pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with communities and producers.

ORB produces and sources the finest specialty Grade 1, Premium grade 2, and commercial Arabica coffee beans in Ethiopia, working closely with the communities to develop quality benchmarks for their product.

We obtain our coffee from different locations and climate zones in the country, which enables the management of year-round production.

From this platform, we connect the producers to our customers in a mutually beneficial partnership.

ORB, is a coffee processing facility in Southern Ethiopia, we collect the coffee cherries from a selected group of farmers known for growing top quality Arabica Coffee beans.

We work closely together with our sister company Horizon Plantation in producing, sorting, and making sure to give the best quality coffee to our clients worldwide.

ORB, and Horizon Plantations work closely together with farming communities to improve their livelihoods and benefit the fragile ecosystems on which they rely.

We believe that we can drive crucial socio-economic change to the rural communities we work with by providing development, fulfilling work, support, and bridging the supply to our exacting international markets.

We work together with major organizations all over the world striving towards sustainability in the coffee sector.

We are a diverse group of people who love coffee. The Coffee experts working for ORB have over 20 years of experience in not just processing but also packaging, logistics and exports.

Many of our Team Experts have dedicated their life to coffee production, We strive to be experts in our field and share this knowledge with everyone we work with.

We offer the finest specialty Grade 1, Premium grade 2, and Commercial grade Arabica coffee beans in Ethiopia

our clients

Satisfied clients are a strength of our business

Our Sister Companies

All companies are under the umbrella of Alamoudi Group MIDROC


"ORB strikes the perfect balance of business and being really personable."

"We love that we have that dedicated point person to take care of us."

"ORB is one of my top suppliers."

"They’re very loyal to their producers and show real respect for them which is great."

"I love that we openly discuss requirements and come to a solution together."

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    If there is one thing we enjoy more than being coffee origin producer and exporter, it is chatting with our customers. We love the challenge of finding the green coffee that is just right for you – and your customer – and help you plan your coffee supply throughout the year, with our knowledge of upcoming harvests and the range of great coffees we have in stock. Request a sample if you know what you are after, or if not, drop us a line – we are here to help.

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