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The origin of the cherries we process and produce are located in the southern parts of Ethiopia: the Oromia region Guji zones, Sidama and Yirgachefe. These areas are globally known for the best quality of coffee because of their high attitude.

We also work very closely with Coffee Farmers, Coffee Farmer’s Cooperatives, and Unions. The company is dedicated to working with and supporting the local Farmers and Community to maintain the highest partnership so as to deliver on our promise to ensure the highest quality of coffee supply to our customers.

Chilled Meat

Importing Chilled Meat From our own Farms

“Ethio Meat and vegetables export Plc (EMVE) was established in 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It is engaged in the export and import businesses. The export wing is currently focused on exporting Hot carcass of goat meat and mutton to the Middle East market mainly the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).
Our Slaughter house is Halal-certified by independent Islamic Affairs council and accredited by high level international bodies, and the destination market regulatory agencies. We also hold global standard,
latest ISO certificates.
The slaughter house has state of the art facilities:
Livestock reception and inspection pens, air conditioned slaughtering, processing, chilling rooms, and modern freezing trucks for transportation to airports.
The animals are supplied from the vast lowland areas of the country: Borena, Guji and Somali which has high preference and demand in most part of the world.
Our Abattoir is environment – friendly with no environmental pollution. We are continuously working with the surrounding community and supporting them with employment opportunities and other services.
We have a plan to develop and expand our markets in other Islamic countries in North Africa, middle and south-eastern Asia.”

Diversey Chemical

Agents/Distributors of Diversey

We are the agents/distributors of Diversey in Horn of Africa, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, and Somaliland.

"ORB strikes the perfect balance of business and being really personable."

"We love that we have that dedicated point person to take care of us."

"ORB is one of my top suppliers."

"They’re very loyal to their producers and show real respect for them which is great."

"I love that we openly discuss requirements and come to a solution together."

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    If there’s one thing we enjoy more than being coffee origin producer and exporter, it is chatting with our customers. We love the challenge of finding the green coffee that is just right for you – and your customer – and help you plan your coffee supply throughout the year, with our knowledge of upcoming harvests and the range of great coffees we have in stock. Request a sample if you know what you are after, or if not, drop us a line – we are here to help.

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